warrior woman of the kingdom

Together turning tide



About us

Warrior Woman is a non-profit organization led by international motivational speaker, Dr Fay Nqoloba. It was officially launched in 2014 in response to the ongoing struggle with women abuse and lack of true women empowerment.


Our Vision

To transform and restore women, children, youth and young adults perceived to be useless, waste, outcasts and non-entities in the communities to be excellent nation builders, nation leaders and renowned business men and women that can be Moral and Unashamedly Ethical Citizens.

Our Mission

To see people, the country, the continent and the world “Rise, Shine and be Solutions” with the hope that empowered people will stop shifting the blame, stop dreaming and have visions instead.

To build a nation free of social ills through public speaking, facilitation, conducting seminars of different levels addressing different issues and different areas, outreach programs for any society organization sharing the vision.