Warrior Women Without Colour In Diversity International

Warrior Woman Of The Kingdom is an action-oriented organization rooted in its vision. It’s during her programs, seminars and different engagements that we identified a humongous, deadly and monstrous virus called a DIVIDED SOCIETY. In our observation, these divisions are mostly due to racial issues, colour, culture, religion or creed and others. The irony of it all is that each one needs the other. On interviewing quite a number of people we found that they are unhappy about this self-imprisonment. It’s in this cause and others that WARRIOR WOMEN WITHOUT COLOUR IN DIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL BUREAU was birthed.

Our Vision

To transform and restore women, children, youth and young adults perceived to be useless, wastes, outcasts and nonentities in the communities to be excellent nation builders, nation leaders and renowned businessmen and women that can be moral and unashamedly ethical citizens.

To see people, the country, the continent and the world “Rise and Shine and be a Solutions” with the hope that empowered people will stop shifting the blame, stop dreaming and have vision instead.

To transform all people, children, young people, our future leaders and families by changing their mindsets through empowerment and development programs.

To build a nation free of social ills through public speaking, facilitation, conducting seminars of different levels, addressing different issues and areas, outreach programs for any society or organization sharing the vision.

We believe everyone has a part to play through active involvement in the upliftment and empowerment process, that people should roll up their sleeves and work towards bringing about solutions to challenges facing people and the nation. Warrior Women Of The Kingdom is the mother body of a very vibrant wing YOUNG WARRIORS who are shaking the walls and the ground of Cape Town.