What Is A Young Warrior ?

  • It’s a Young adult with Character

  • A Young Adult who takes with pride the fact that he/she is the future of the nation

  • A Young Adult who clearly knows the difference between right and wrong

  • A well disciplined Young Warrior

  • A Young Adult with principles and Purpose in life

  • A Young Adult with no limits in Kingdom Business

  • A fighter for the rights of the Kingdom.

  • A Young Adult of Integrity

  • A Young Adult who trusts God implicitly

  • A Young Adult who is prepared to make a turn around to this world no matter what

  • A Young Adult who NEVER SAYS DIE

Our Vision

In each Warrior born, there is a seed planted before he/she is born and has a special calling. And therefore is standing in the gap to build a strong regime that is there to reconstruct the broken down walls of life and restore what the devil has stolen, destroyed and killed.

Our Mission

  • As Young Adults are the hope for the future and are supposed to take the baton from the grown ups, our mission as the Young Warriors of the Kingdom is to restore and preserve what is of the Kingdom by aggressively doing what we know is right and rescue others from the mouth of destruction, theft and victims of cruelty.
  • To engage into programs of turning the tide, clean up the present situation and seek to do God’s will and all what pleases Him.
  • To humble ourselves before the Lord and undergo the developmental programs, Holy and Kingdom lifestyle, conducted by the mother body so that we can conduct our own programs to develop each other.
  • To aggressively claim our lives back.
  • To take position to be the TRUE VICEROYS.


To bring back a Proud Real Young person full of values, principles, dreams, driven and focused.

To change the mind-set that has been drilled in our minds of not knowing who we are and what the real life is.